Henrik Enghusen Poulsen
Professor and Chief

         Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, Head of Department of Clinical Pharmacology Q, Rigshospitalet, University Hospital, DK-2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark,  Telephone (+45) 3545 7671 Fax: (+45) 3545 2745 E-mail: hepo"AT" ("AT" is @ for spam confusion)
Citizenship Date of Birth
        Danish March 29, 1948 in Aalborg, Denmark
Private address
        4 Birkevænget, PO Box 71, DK-3050 Humlebæk. Telephone (+45) 49 19 39 11
Education and University degrees

Medical Doctor. Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen, January 1976. Licence to independent medical practice 1979. Dr. Sci. (Dr. med.) University of Copenhagen, 1986. License to practise as specialist in Clinical Pharmacology May, 1997.

Region H:S Leadership Development Course, Modules I and II. Copenhagen, 2004-5.

Leadership for Physicians, OLAU 2, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, 1998-1999


February 1976 - August 1977, Basic training as hospital physician

September 1977 - January 1978, University of Copenhagen, Research position and postgraduate course in scientific methods

February 1978 - February 1982, Research Fellow, Department of Medicine A, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark

Marts 1982 - September 1985, Clinical Research Fellow, Department of Medicine A, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark

October 1985 - Marts 1986, Physician, Department of Medicine A, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark

April 1986 - October 1994, Associate professor, Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

May 1994, Appointed Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Royal Danish School of Pharmacy, position not filled.

November 1994 - July 1996, Professor of Medical Toxicology, Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

August 1996 - present. Professor, Chair in Clinical Pharmacology, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen. 

Other appointments

Medical Assessor, Danish National Drug Registration Board, Ministry of Health, Denmark, November 1984 to April 1992

Editorial Board:

Pharmacogenetic, 1993 - 2000.

Pharmacology & Toxicology, 1995 - present (including member execlusive committe and editorial handling of manuscripts).

Free Radical Research, 1999-present (including editorial handling of manuscript).

Mechanisms of Ageing and Development, 1999 - present.

Food and Chemical Toxicology, 2000 - present

Ageing Research Reviews, 2004 - present

Free Radical Biology and Medicine,  2004 - present

Administrative experience

        Academic administrative experience. Since 1981 member of various boards at Rigshospitalet and University of Copenhagen. Positions include: Chairman of the MD. PhD programme (about 450 PhD students), member of the executive faculty committee and the steering Board of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Member of the steering committee for the research priority area Environment, University of Copenhagen, Chairman of the Committee for Environmental Medicine in an Institute of Public Health at the University of Copenhagen and member of the Co-ordinating Committee for establishing an Institute of Public Health, University of Copenhagen. Representative for Rigshospitalet in the Central Drug Committee of Copenhagen and chairman of The Drug Committee of Rigshospitalet. Chariman of the board of Danish Society of Clinical Pharmacology (1997-2001).


Other tasks

The advisory research committee, National Institute of Occupational Health, 1990-1998

The advisory research committee, Ministry of Health Environmental Medicine Research Centre, 1991-1998

Chairman of the Committee for the initiation of The Strategic Environmental Research Program (appointed by The Danish Research Advisory Council)

Vice Chairman, Danish Toxicology Centre, 1991-1999

Member of the Danish Nutritional Council, 1995-1996

Member of Danish Scientific Ethics Committee, 2009-2014

President SFRR-Europe, 2009-2011 ( )

Deputy Member of Board of Studienævnet For Medicin in Copenhagen

Member of the Institutrådet for Diagnostisk Institut

Expert for the Danish Legal Council / Retlægerådet (Alcohol and Drug Cases)

Research Supervision

Since 1980 supervision of 20 students and PhD students. Three doctoral theses and 6 PhD theses have been given, 1 PhD thesis is being evaluated and four are in the writing process. Five master theses have been approved.

Evaluation of applicants for positions: Eight positions as senior researchers have been evaluated 1992 - 1995

Evaluation of six doctoral theses and ten PhD theses have been performed

Reviewing on regular basis
Journal of Hepatology
European Journal of Clinical Investigation
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation
European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Ugeskrift for Læger
Cardiovascular Research
Free Radical Research
Scientific publications


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