The Board of Directors at Rigshospitalet decided in 1994 that the Department of Clinical Pharmacology Q should be placed in the Centre of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology.

The Department of Clinical Pharmacology takes care of all aspects of clinical pharmacology at the University Hospital in Copenhagen. In particular, it provides counselling with regard to questions about pharmacological therapy for the entire Rigshospitalet and Frederiksberg Hospital and some other hospitals in Zealand (Sjślland) and the islands around. Our Department also renders Drug Information Service for the GP's practising in the region on a trial basis.

The Department of Clinical Pharmacology carries out a number of research projects utilising techniques such as HPLC - mass spectrometry and molecular biology techniques. The department has special experience in GC-MS and LC-MSMS techniques, and in clinical care.

Furthermore, the department is involved in a three-year co-operative research project with Novo Nordisk A/S and The Danish Toxicology Centre on the pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic Modelling and Computer Simulation of Clinical Trials in Drug Development.

The Department of Clinical Pharmacology carries out a large number of clinical relevant assays. One type of clinical work is the detection of drug abuse. These analyses may be relevant in ordinary patient care, in legal contexts and many other situations.


The chief of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology Q is Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, Henrik Enghusen Poulsen. This professorship is associated with a position as Physician-in-Chief at the Rigshospitalet. Some fields of his research are antioxidants, oxidative DNA damage, and DNA repair.

The staff in the Department of Clinical Pharmacology consists of one professor in clinical pharmacology, one consultant, three chemists, secretaries, laboratory personnel and a number of postgraduate trainees for the new medical speciality of clinical pharmacology.